Jiffy Seed Starting Kits just $9.99

Whether you are a seasoned Green Thumb, or a beginner gardner, you can get a jump on your garden before the last frost by planting seeds indoors. While there’s all sorts of things you can buy to accelerate this process, a tried-and-true method is to use peat moss pellets and a domed seed starter.  Add water and seeds, put on a window sill or a table near a window that gets good sun, and you’ll get some sprouts before too long.  And, at $9.99 for the basic Jiffy Starter Kit, you can get going for less than a good lunch!

Heated Mat for Starter Kit

Starting your own seeds at home is a great way to plant unique heirlooms, have a wider variety of veggies, as well as to have a bonding relationship with your garden – you know, seeing them from the very very start!

While this method works well if you have a wide space near a window (there are window-sill-sized domes and heaters), if you only have space in a garage, basement, or away from windows, you may want to consider a heated mat.

Heated mats will keep the soil temperature warm and consistent, as well as produce condensation that will keep your soil moist from the top at all times.

Check out more Seed Starting Supplies at RaisedBed.farm


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