Increase Calcium in Soil with Eggshells

When we cook eggs at our house, we have a routine to save our eggshells.  We rinse out the insides right after dropping the yolk into the bowl or pan, and then immediately break up the shells into small bits to drain onto a paper towel.  Once dry, we keep them for a week or so in a red solo cup, and eventually they get added to a bag.

All Winter long.

This is our entire stash, and it was used to amend just two 4×4 boxes that seemed to have a bit of Calcium deficiency last season. We used a hand sledge to crush them in the storage bag against the bottom of our wheelbarrow.  Not quite into powder, but into small enough chunks that, once mixed into the soil,  resembles vermiculite.

We eat eggs often, almost daily, but I can’t imagine how many we’d have to eat to actually amend the entire garden.

Sunshine and JoJo oversaw the operation, and were kind enough to pose for a few photos.

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