Garden Update: Greens, Carrots & Beets and Flowers so Sweet

Our Kale and Spinach have been thriving in Wallowaters, and it was time for another harvest in the Berry Garden. The leaves are just huge. You can really see the difference between ones that were outside the Wallowaters – dark green, smaller, and the leaves are all bumpy and scrunched up.  These mini-greenhouses just accelerate the growth. It’s night and day.

The Strawberry and Blueberry flowers are coming out, and they look beautiful. The only worry is that a late-Spring freeze nips them before they turn in to the beautiful fruits we will enjoy later in the season.

We removed the Spinach and Kale from the front box in the Berry Garden, with the Kale being transplanted to the Triangular Planter. A few spinach got relocated as well.  JoJo the Tortie cat oversaw the operation.

The garden looks so clean and neat at the beginning of the season. There’s always an anxious excitement as it starts to come together.

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