Garden Update in Pictures: 5/14/17

The garden is coming along this year, and we planted Beans, Cucumbers, and Peppers to add to the crops that are already coming along.

Onions are now getting substantially large, and it’s quite lovely to see the first box come in 100%.  The second box only has 6-7 “holes”, with plants that haven’t yet stuck up above the dirt. Sometimes they don’t make it, so we have to replant – and that time’s coming soon.  Onions generally get harvested in late July and throughout August/September. So, no time to waste.

Plenty of other things coming along that have been planted in the past 2 months. Beets and Carrots are sprouting, finally.  Lettuce too. Kale transplants took well, and some actually bolted.

Strawberries are about to produce fruits. Blueberries are flowering out, and first berries are forming. Raspberries look vibrant green.

Tomatoes are coming along nice in their Wallowaters, and some herbs already had their first harvests. Garlic is huge, and looking to be bigger and better than any prior year. Beans and Cucumbers planted, but with a cold spell moving in, unlikely to sprout till next week.

Even got our first Clematis Flower, about a month early!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


    • It’s not the easiest to get going. We lost several root groups in the first 3 years, but have been stable for the past 3, and the patch is spreading. We have 9 root groups overall. Nothing tastier than fresh-from-the-garden Asparagus!

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