Raised Bed Farm

We built our first raised bed garden in 2001 in Fort Collins, CO using about 1000 sqft. of our backyard.  We tilled the soil and created paths lower than the beds to achieve the look and drainage.  It produced tremendous amounts of food, and was our place of peace.

We farmed that garden for 7 years before moving to a new house with more room for gardening, and currently have two sizeable gardens that keep us busy all summer.  We customized the design using simple materials: 2x12s 4x4s, and metal angles. That’s it!

We named the first garden The OctoGarden because of the octagon planter in the center. It features boxes that are arranged in a way that gives it curves, in spite of square materials.

The second garden was named The Berry Garden had a more angular space, and was customized to optimize the growing area.  This garden features perennial berries including Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries.  It’s supposedly impossible to grow Blueberries at low elevations in Colorado, but we followed a plan developed at CSU and had success!

We believe that every home should have at least a little garden space, and that greens and herbs should be a mainstay.  Of course there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that should be added, and we’ve alternated from trying just about everything that grows in our climate, to focusing on the foods that are most expensive at the store, or foods we want to can and store throughout the year.

We think that the lifestyle of eating food from your garden puts you in touch with how your produce is made, and it delivers the best quality and taste.  You’ll likely find things you thought you hated, but love once you have them fresh – Farm to Table.

We have thousands supplies and products for both indoor and outdoor gardens, all priced to fit your budget.  And, we ship to your home quickly, sometimes with Free Shipping!

We think once you try gardening, you’ll not only appreciate what you grow for your table, but you’ll also find the peace and sense of accomplishment from farming your yard.  In our experience, the best time of the day is walking out for the early evening hours with our cats to do our chores with a glass of wine and some music.  There’s really no better way to end any Summer day!

We hope you’ll find this blog useful for the topics we post, as well as the recipes we make ourselves.  We are Paleo/Gluten Free and have many friends who are Vegan, so we’ve developed many recipes that make following these diets and look forward to our daily meals far more than going out.  We love to have friends over to share in the bounty of our Raised Bed Farm!

Please join our email list, and follow our blog daily for tips on your own Raised Bed Farm. And, reach out – we love to help our our fellow yard farmers!

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