A Yard-to-Table Lifestyle automatically implies that you’ll be eating the food you grow in the gardens you build in your yard.  When we first started seriously gardening in 2001, we were just fascinated with actually being able to grow our own food.  As we would harvest, we’d then start to look for different recipes.

One of the biggest examples of our early naiveté was when we planted 14 Zucchini plants in our first garden.  We had three varieties, and we thought it was a good round number.  We had no idea how much it would produce.  If you don’t know already, it’s a veritable ton of zucchini.

As a result, we sought out and made nearly every zucchini recipe that exists, and prepared them in the oven, in a fry pan, dehydrated some as chips, put into bread (lots and lots of bread) and even turned some into noodles.  And, of course, we gave away as much as possible to whomever visited us.

We learned so much about zucchini, that we then adjusted our planting and resulting yield to match our tastes.  We loved having zucchini around, but there is a limit.

And, that’s arguably the point.  As you consider what to put into your garden, it should be a mix of what you know you already like with what foods you’d like to explore.  Let the new foods push you to seek out recipes for them, and you’ll discover that things you didn’t care for are suddenly your favorites.

The first season we grew Broccoli, I was already in my 30s and had decided it was a terrible vegetable.  After harvesting the first head, we steamed it, and it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted.  Who knew that an old frozen vegetable would taste any different than something fresh from the garden?

We hope you’ll enjoy the recipes we share, and try them yourselves.  And, if you have something you’ve learned to enjoy by farming your yard, tell us about it!